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From: Tom Dalton <>
Subject: Re: [CR]weigh cool
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Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2002 10:04:54 -0700 (PDT)

Richard M Sachs wrote:

as far as i see it, the weight issue and the denouncement of modern parts as not worthy, unreliable, complicated, or the like, are not related.

Tom Dalton wrote:

Back in the day, the really light stuff tended to break. These days, the really light stuff tends to break. These days the lightest is a little lighter and it packs a few more features, but SL stuff has always been problematic. Every generation has had its weight weenies who were willing to pay the price, in dollars and headaches.

I think people should remember to compare our beloved NR and 36-hole Red-labels to 9-speed Dura Ace and 32 hole Open Pros, not to CNC'd Sweet cranks, and Lew wheels. Standard of the day to standard of the day.

Richard M Sachs wrote:

i care less that a modern bicycle weighs less than i do about how much easier the new stuff is to use, maintain, and, if necessary, adjust.

Tom Dalton wrote:

Much easier. While frames should still be well prepped, the new BB's headsets will tolerate more inaccuracy. Wheels are often pre-built (well). Many bearings require no adjustmet and the new headsets are a cinch. Relative to correctly configuring clips, straps and cleats, setting up clipless is a breeze. Clinchers are now usable for training and even racing, whilch is quite convenient. Last I checked, straight treaded tubulars were getting more common. What's not to love?

Richard M Sachs wrote:

i pay for all my parts, and i use and race on it. reliabiility and service life are not the issues that listees trump them up to be.

Tom Dalton wrote: I think that the old stuff wore out just as fast and that performance suffered as a result, just as it does today. It's just that a sloppy friction system doesn't shift that much worse than a perfect one. Sloppy STI/Ergo doesn't shift.

If the old suff wasn't a PITA, what fun would it be?

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