Re: [CR]Pou Pou: alive and well

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From: Chuck Schmidt <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Pou Pou: alive and well
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Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2002 22:17:39 -0700

jack bissell wrote:
> My favorite racer, besides Major Taylor...On his deathbed Anquetil told him, "Once again Raymond, you will finish behind me."
> Raymond Poulidor appears at each TdF--more and more he's a god over there.
> Rightly so, as no other French rider ever has had the class he did.
> I loathe the 'Eternal Second' nickname assigned to him-- (far worse, even than 'Pou Pou').
> Milan-San Remo, the Vuelta, a slew of French championships, owning the Gran Prix des Nations, many Tour stages, always winning or finishing high in the Prestige Pernod, a record up Col d'Eze (ahead of Merckx) that lasted until the well into the '90s...all the more illustrious that he was beating the very best.
> Jack Bissell
> wishing I could go down to Le Tabac and drink Pastis with old French guys in Tucson, Az
> p.s. and Jacky Durand is called DuDu--what's up with these nicknames?

Whatever do you mean, JacJac?

While I was cycling around the Lore Valley the other year people where calling out, "Allez, allez ChuChu!"

Chuck Schmidt SoPas, SoCal