[CR]Racelite hubs / Raliegh Gran Sport

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Subject: [CR]Racelite hubs / Raliegh Gran Sport
Date: Wed, 18 Sep 2002 10:04:59 US/Eastern


I have recently acquired a ca. 1963 Raleigh Gran Sport that is fitted with Racelite hubs. A search of the CR site (using that fine new search engine; thanks Dale) indicates that Racelite hubs were a Milremo product. Anyone know where (who) fabricated these hubs? Information on their level of quality and durability would also be appreciated.

Here is a link to the completed auction for the bike:


Note the red anodized lever on one of the GB Superhood Rapide brake levers. I have a hard time believing that it "wore off" the other one and think that the red one may been a replacement for the original.

Thanks, Charlie Young Honeybrook, PA

p.s. I plan to keep it intact despite the disparity in the quality of the components relative to the frame...This one surely seems to be a case of the individual component values vastly outstripping the cost of the complete bike.