Re: [CR]Predicting Campy Crank failure

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Subject: Re: [CR]Predicting Campy Crank failure
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Date: Sat, 21 Sep 2002 21:38:36 -0400

This may be a good example of the reliability of the "classical" vintage equipment. It may be pretty, but is it safe? Something to ponder.

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From: "Ben Sanford"
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Subject: [CR]Predicting Campy Crank failure

> There was a discussion about SR crank failures a month or so ago. I looked
> at my cranks but apparently did not look close enough, and I looked at the
> spider area most critically instead of where the crank broke. Mine that
> broke was an undated track crank just marked "165 PISTA" with the 144mm bolt
> circle. The crank broke at the eye where the pedal mounted. Now looking at
> it, it appears that the metal at the break point is discolored in one area,
> which seems to indicate (to me) that there had been a hairline crack there
> for a while. I had also previously noticed an occasional 'clicking' in the
> BB area, and had tightened crank bolts, chainring bolts, etc. in an effort
> to clear that noise up. Apparently the noise was an early indication of
> pending failure, although I now believe that if I had looked more carefully
> I would have seen the crack.
> Since having a crank break can be painful, (I hit the pavement rather
> quickly) I would suggest taking another close look at your vintage Campy
> cranks. I had previously retired a 175mm SR road crank due to a crack at
> the spider. (Now I have two orphan left crank arms)
> Ben Sanford
> Falls Church, VA