RE: [CR]New 80s PX-10 on Ebay

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Subject: RE: [CR]New 80s PX-10 on Ebay
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Date: Mon, 23 Sep 2002 21:57:08 -0400

Bummer, the first was too small, now this one's too big! I've had a spot in my collection just waiting for an all MAVIC bike, looks like I'll have to keep waiting! Someone let me know if they've got something similar in 55 or 56 cm. I'm keeping an eye on this one:

Although I'm only moderately interested in pink....

David Bilenkey Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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> The guy put too high of an opening bid on it IMHO. He tried to sell this
> bike earlier in the year with the same results. He should have started
> much lower and had a reserve price of $500. This one's used big brother
> is on e-bay now. I sold this used bike earlier in the year for $400 in
> one day to a fellow list member. I was sad to see it go and almost
> bought it back, and I still may, depends on the final price.
> See
> This is either an '86 or '87 PX-10, all Mavic and is AWESOME. I don't
> mean to start a new thread here, but I personally don't think there is a
> vintage Campy equipped bike made that compares to this one. Of course
> I'm a tad biased. This was THE nicest friction shifting bike I have ever
> encountered.
> Cheers,
> Rod Kronenberg
> Fort Collins, CO