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Subject: Re: Mafac Pad replacements <Re: [CR]Mafac Dural Forge>
Date: Tue, 24 Sep 2002 14:32:41 -0700

Brandon, Am currently under the influence of "Mafac howl Tinitus". Also think I know many of the tricks and to date haven't killed the beast. I have had luck and am probably going back to Kool Stop pre 99 Campy replacement inserts (these are not the block style and a bit more modern looking in profile) - they slide into the Mafac holder just fine. Being a slave to fashion from time to time and having Dale lay down a harumpf when he saw these pads sticking out of the pad holders (they are as they come a bit longer than the 4 dot pads) Ive taken an exacto knife to them and indeed they look a little more stealthy if not totally original. These were quiet intitially and thats where Im heading now. Lever feel and power if matched with quiet would make these superior
Tom Rawson
Oakland, CA

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> Ok here's a question for you Mafac fans. What brake pads do you use? I've been using Racers on the braze-on mounts on the Centurion and the power is great, but the howling is the worst I've heard. I know all the tricks for stopping the howling and have never had this much trouble. My next trick is to replace the original 4-dot pads with something else. I have plenty of non-classic pads that will work but does anyone have specific pads they like for Mafac brakes?
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