Re: [CR]Images of a packed bike

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Subject: Re: [CR]Images of a packed bike
From: "kim hetzel" <>
To: David Bilenkey <>
Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2002 09:49:33 -0700


Try looking on page #66 and #67 of the September issue of BICYCLING magazine. It has an illustration and description of "how to pack a bike into a box for shipping".

Kim Hetzel Yelm, WA.

>Not exactly on topic, but I'm looking to send info to the seller of that
>Gardin I snagged on eBay of how to pack a bike. So I'm wondering if anyone
>has shots or can take a shot or two of a well packed/wrapped bike, just
>before it goes in the box. A road bike would be best. I'm going to describe
>it as best I can, but I'm concerned a bit about a possible language barrier.
>Here's hoping I get an undamaged bike! :-/
>David Bilenkey
>Bilenkey Industrial Design
>Ottawa, Ontario, Canada