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From: Fredrick Yavorsky <>
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Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2002 14:41:12 -0400

Here's a link to my (since sold) 1973 Bottecchia "Special" model:

It's the same specs as the Gran Turisimo (of that year) with the exception of the fact that the GT had Campagnolo Nuovo Tipo hubs and the rear derailleur was the Campagnolo long cage Gran Turismo model, hence the name of the bike. It may have had a wider range freewheel, too. Although my literature shows both bikes having the same frame, the GT has a Columbus decal, but not the Campagnolo dropouts and fork ends like the next higher models, the "Giro D'Italia" and the "Professional". If my memory is correct, my Special in 1973 sold for around 130.00 and the Giro and Pro models were in the 250.00 - 325.00 range, but don't hold me to those prices.

Fred "still wants his 1973 Bottecchia Professional back" Yavorsky Jenkintown, PA

on 9/25/02 10:13 AM, at wrote:
> Are any list members familiar with the Bottechia line. I've a line on a
> 1960's Gran Turresimo model with Campagnolo G.Turesimo rear derailler and
> Campagnolo Nuovo Tipo hubs. I suspect that, given the componentry, this is a
> mid-level model. Any help you might give would be appreciated.
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> Carlo Carr
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> killing me)