Re: [CR]JOKO bike?

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From: Mark Poore <>
Subject: Re: [CR]JOKO bike?
To: Tom Sanders <>,
In-Reply-To: <002a01c267f0$cb6ebf80$ead2f50c@C1921978A>
Date: Sun, 29 Sep 2002 14:33:17 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Tom,

I have a few photos, although not great, of a Joko track bike from the mid 50's. The lugs are chrome and the bike as I recall has some nice pinstripping. The HD crashed on my computer and I just got it up and running, but haven't tried to scan anything yet. Tonight I will give it a try and then post the photos, with any luck, so you can see them as well as other list members.


Mark Poore Slatyfork, WV
   Tom Sanders wrote:A good friend has written to me and told me he has acquired a late 50s or early 60s Dutch bike with first generation Nervex lugs called a JOKO. He wanted to find out more on it. He has no photos to send me and I'd sure love to see some photos of one if anyone has any. Tom Sanders Lansing, Mi