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Subject: [CR]Was Bill Philbrook, now extending time frame of CR
Date: Mon, 30 Sep 2002 08:35:50 EDT

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<<This era (mid to late 1980s) was IMHO the last clutch of innovations applied to steel frame technology. I am currently advertising for Aero frames in the UK. I have been offered a Swinnerton, a Rob Telfer (both late 80's lo pro's) and an Argos. Dale, is there any chance that this era may be included in the time span of CR? >>

No, not that this period is not very appealing, but I have not had the time to edit and publish the vast lot of information and pictures I have accumulated of the current CR time range, much less consider a broader one! I would be happy to support and link to any new site dedicated to this "aero" era! Anyone want to have a go at it?

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