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Ok this is actually a question I was thinking about this weekend. The Bob Jackson's on sure look like Hetchins' to me, but I'm no expert. I saw another Super Legend on a different page this weekend (can't remember the URL or the name of the page now) that had real Hetchins Magnum Opus lugs. I can't imagine Hetchins allowing one of its contract builders to use their proprietary lugs. Did Jackson have some kind of deal with Hetchins? thanks, Brandon"monkeyman"Ives SB, CA

At 3:03 PM -0700 9/30/02, Thomas Rawson wrote:
>Relative to my post last week discussing the Bob Jackson -
>Hetchins History there is now a very active inquiry going on
>between Flash, creator of the unofficial Hetchins website,
>( ), the folks at Bob Jackson
> and others who were around at the time being
>discussed (mid 1970s to mid 1990s). Recent revelations have
>revealed a different perspective on who was making what/when,
>than has more popularly been thought to be the case. Help is
>requested from the CR community to discover any details that
>might be relevant. Desired is any sort of proof of differences in
>quality thought to be the result of source of manufacture. Serial
>numbers, photo documentation. etc would be helpful. Anyone
>interested in contributing please contact Flash @
> .


>Tom Rawson

>Oakland, CA