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Date: Sat, 9 Feb 2002 20:40:48 -0500
Subject: Re: [CR]Rivendell revolutionary recitations/MY 2 CENTS
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here is my view, by way of billy wilder... in the film 'sunset boulevard', the william holden character, (w.h.c.), inadvertantly ends up at the estate of 'aging' actress norma desmond, played by gloria swanson. in the storyline, ms. desmond was a star in the silent film era. early in the film, this exhange occurs on the winding staircase as the two characters meet for the first time.

w.h.c. says: wait a minute, i know you, you're norma desmond. you used to be in the movies. you used to be big. norma desmond says: i still am big; it's the movies that have gotten small.

classic content: you mean i have to spell it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!! e-RICHIE

On Sat, 9 Feb 2002 15:53:50 -0800 "feldman" <> writes: Hear, hear, and the whole damn bike business would put out better product if every CEO in it had a tiny little bit of Grant Petersen's brain cells transplanted into him/her.David Feldman

From: "garth libre" <> Subject: [CR]Rivendell revolutionary recitations I have been reading at the Rivendell site, and seriously considering subscribing to the reader. I am sad to say that some of the stuff at the site stinks of truth. I have noticed that 700 x 25 mm tires roll just as fast as 700 x 23, but I hate the look of fat tires. I have also noticed that 45 cm chainstays give better downhill stability than 42 cm chainstays, but I love the look (largely classic race look) of the tire getting ready to kiss the seat tube from behind. I also notice that most racers spend outrageous amounts of time riding the tops. If they intend to be up so much of the time, then why not just raise the stem and be done with it. In this regard I am not typical as I have been doing yoga for about 40 years and have extreme spinal flexibility. I actually prefer the low position in the drops and even use it when off the seat while going uphill. I rarely use the drops, as my spinal flexibility is such that I can reach back while standing and

touch the floor behind me and return, as in a standing sit up. I can bend

over and press my nose through the space between my knees, while my legs are straightand my back is straight too. For most people, maybe they should raise the bars! The problem here is that the Rivendell philosophy seems classic in regards to lugs, and steel and careful frame construction, but it is not classic interms of looks. The headtube has a decided extension above the top tube, in an effort to aid raised stems. The rolly pollys look like they are ready for off road excursions. It seems that Rivendell is not just retro, but a bit geriatric to boot. Those guys are not trying to recreate days of yore, but just believe that some things of the past just make more sense. They are pragmatists, not romantics. Romantic rainy day in Surfside Fl. .....I am Garth Libre