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Date: Thu, 23 May 2002 22:36:00 -0700 (PDT)
From: Harris <>
Subject: Re: [CR] Campagnolo vs Suntour
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---Thank you so much Ken,for pointing out that the
Italian manufacturers set the standard.And without
them?---Would any of it be quite where it is?Harris in

--- wrote:


\r?\n> In a message dated 5/21/02 11:24:25 PM,

\r?\n> writes:


\r?\n> << Funny, all you guys who are 10-15 years older

\r?\n> than me fell in love with


\r?\n> Campy-equipped bikes. My first serious bike was a

\r?\n> Suntour-cyclone equipped


\r?\n> Tange #2-framed Kuwahara-built Nishiki >>


\r?\n> Not really, I feel smething else, but can not

\r?\n> express what it is! It maybe

\r?\n> generations gap?? I grew up in Osaka area in Japan

\r?\n> in 60's. Less than 20

\r?\n> years after WWII ending, Japan was still recovering.

\r?\n> Honda DID not have

\r?\n> automoble (vehicle with 4 wheels) but tried to built

\r?\n> first air cool

\r?\n> engine-chian driven convertable "CAR"!


\r?\n> Racing bicycle as sporting goods, there was not many

\r?\n> nor parts. They copied

\r?\n> everthing from Europeans except "SUNTOUR's

\r?\n> Parallelogram. Sugino's cotterless

\r?\n> crankset, if you tightened too much, you could not

\r?\n> use again, it was too soft!


\r?\n> In 1968, I finally got Steel Record (twice heaver

\r?\n> than alloy NR in 1970's).

\r?\n> It was mu dreame come true, My ride totally changed

\r?\n> from die casted Suntour!

\r?\n> It cost probable 10 time more than Japanese

\r?\n> domestic parts.


\r?\n> The chain, 1/8" wide was common, external 3 or 4

\r?\n> speed, or Shimano's internal

\r?\n> 3 speed (copy of S-A of England) with bike weigh 35

\r?\n> to 40 lb was considered

\r?\n> to be

\r?\n> "light weight". Yeap, 5 speed with 3/32" chain

\r?\n> was revolutionary, as

\r?\n> today's rider

\r?\n> having 9 to 10 speed cassett. My parent could not

\r?\n> afford 10 speed bike, so I

\r?\n> got at least 5 speed. One year later, finally

\r?\n> changed B/B and got extra

\r?\n> chianwheel to make upto 10 speed. It was 1964 to

\r?\n> 65.


\r?\n> When I get on all R-531 tubing frame bike with all

\r?\n> Campy today, I am still

\r?\n> dreaming,

\r?\n> daydream believer! My DOB is passing over 1/2

\r?\n> century mark in a few month.


\r?\n> One note, in 60's, Japan was still receivning US

\r?\n> foreign aid, was a poor

\r?\n> contry.

\r?\n> One Us dollar cost them 360 to 400 points, today 100

\r?\n> to 120. For British

\r?\n> currency,

\r?\n> it was 1080 yen then, today they can buy for 140 to

\r?\n> 170 points. Today, they

\r?\n> give more money to Foreign Aids than US. And, we

\r?\n> buy a lots of Accura cars

\r?\n> here paying

\r?\n> as much as 50K made by Honda of Japan.


\r?\n> Ken Toda, High Point, NC, I do not miss my home

\r?\n> land, my dream/home is here!