Re: [CR]Gnutti/was EBAY: English, French & Italian Parts (unusual if not veryinteresting)

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Subject: Re: [CR]Gnutti/was EBAY: English, French & Italian Parts (unusual if not veryinteresting)
Date: Tue, 28 May 2002 17:07:15 -0400

There is one of these BB's (that Chuck refers to in his email below) listed on ebay right now. See the link below. Yes, I'm related to the seller, it's me. I've justed listed a bunch of things that I had no real idea of there value so stuck a price on them and placed them on ebay. My pricing guess's are apparently not to accurate as I've not had a single bid on any of my items! If you want to check some of my other items, my ebay name is "tr4play" and I have listed a nice Peugeot frame and handle bar/stem set, Campagnolo late caliper set, Campagnolo NR rear caliper with a Campy drop bolt and a set of Campagnolo SR BB cups.

Eric Elman
Somers, CT

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> Ben Kamen wrote:
> >
> (cut)
> > WILLIAMS SPLINED BB AXLE - again for the AB-77 cranks which date from '63-70
> > and looks to be in excellent condition if in fact its not a take-off from
> > new. yes predates our friends at shimano by quite some time. if anything
> > check the auction and drag the images to your desktop and send them to all
> > the modern shimano riders you know that get so smug about their
> > "revolutionary" bottom bracket coupling. send them a pic of this one and
> > look for their reaction - works great everytime!!! (yes i lead a boring and
> > lonely i mean life)
> Gnutti (Italy) used a splined bottom bracket for their steel crank in
> the early 1950s. It used weird left and right hand threaded allen head
> crank bolts!
> Chuck Schmidt
> SoPas, SoCal