[CR]Matteo has beautiful frames available

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From: NortonMarg@aol.com
Date: Wed, 29 May 2002 23:05:04 EDT
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org, cheroketz@libero.it
Subject: [CR]Matteo has beautiful frames available

There's a story here. Matteo has a local shop, Montelatici, that has a very interesting batch of frames hanging in the back. As you may or may not know, Cino Cinelli was originally from Firenze (Florence). Senior Montelatici and Cino were friends in their youth, after Cino moved to Milan and started Cinelli and Company, his friend opened a bike shop. He would call Cino to have Cinelli make batches of frames for him to badge as his own shop brand, Montelatici. These frames are from the mid 70s to mid 80s as far as I can tell. The rear spacing is 120mm, they use standard reach brakes with recessed allen nuts and 1010A long drop outs. They are Cinelli long point lugs with a "V" cut out on the top. The shell is Cinelli sand cast, the fork is NOT full sloping and has no tangs. The ends of the stays at the drops is a French style of open scallop. I went by Ed Litton's to compare the pin placement to a Cinelli he's repainting from the same era (70s) and all the brazing pins are in the same locations. This isn't proof that Cinelli s.P.A. built them, but it's at least an indication. I've asked Matteo to try to dig up a receipt, but Sr. M. threw them all out after the legal 15 year limit. I've also been by a couple of local frame builders and several high end knowledgeable shops and all agree this was made back when they "gave a d--n" about craftsmanship. I have one and it is easily comparable to the best of the simple, straight forward yet elegant, classic Italian racing frames, whether it can be proved to be Cinelli or not. The 60cm center to center frame that I have is a conservative, yet modern design. Seat angle is 73, head 74. Chainstays are 16.5 maybe plus a little, and I was very happy to find that a 27.0 seat post was an exact sliding fit. I like SP frames, although the smaller frames may be SL, I don't know but this can be checked. Bottom line is there is a small quantity of these NOS unpainted frames available, with the correct original decals. They come with one, "Montelatici Special" down tube decal and two diamond shaped, "Cicli Montelatici" decals for the head and seat tubes. I may make a small number of down tube decals to satisfy those who want to have a decal on each side of the down tube. I will be coordinating the state side delivery of the frames, and I'm not making a mark up. If you're interested, I suggest you copy Matteo and me on all email correspondence. The goal is to have the unpainted framesets delivered to Oakland California for $400US. Additional shipping may apply for further delivery. Sizes available (center to center) and quantities are: 49cm-one, 50cm-two, 51cm-one, 53cm-one, 54cm-two, 55cm-one, 56cm-one, 59cm-two, 62cm-one. Matteo can send pictures, I have some pictures, if you're local you can look at the one I have. Don't pass up this unique opportunity to get a really cool Italian frame made by Cinelli and Co. that is NOS and been hanging in the back of a shop in Italy for 20 to 30 years. These are truly beautiful frames. Red twizzlers will be awarded as a prize for people who help to correctly date the approximate year these were made based on the information given so
far or subsequently.
Stevan Thomas
Alameda, CA