RE: [CR]Virus?

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From: Mark Bulgier <>
To: "''" <>,,
Subject: RE: [CR]Virus?
Date: Fri, 31 May 2002 18:36:00 -0700

The Klez worm falsifies the "From" header of the infected e-mails it sends. It chooses an address at random from those it finds on the infected machine. So the one thing you know about a Klez virus is that it's *not* from who it says it's from - but the real sender has the apparent sender in his/her address list.

It is unfortunately very easy to forge the From header of an e-mail. This should be a reminder to us all that you never really know who an e-mail is from.

Mark Bulgier Seattle, Wa USA

Aaron Lipstadt wrote:
> >Stevan Thomas wrote:
> >
> >I was mailed a Klez worm from your computer. Check your virus
> >software.
> Stevan,
> I don't think I'm the source; I also received a suspicious
> email from you to a different screen name of mine, as well
> as from Chuck, both of which I deleted without opening.
> I run Norton. Anyone else having this problem?