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Yes, Marnati was making frames for Benotto team but in 1983 for VIVI-Benotto team, not for Sanson. Umberto Marnati and Umberto 'Lupo' Mascheroni were working for a long time at Legnano. They had their own shops in 1970s and made frames similar to each other. Marnati was mainly a builder and Lupo was mainly a mechanic.
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> Gang,
> Back in '83 I was bike shopping Milano. After hitting, Guerciotti, Detto Pietro and de Rosa in Milanino, I asked the cab driver if he knew of any other good shops. He took me to Marnati. The bike were way cool, but what really caught my eye was the Team Sanson Gelati van parked outside loading up bike after team bike painted and decaled the familar "Benotto" champagne. I understand that Moser had his bike built by Marnati, perhaps smilin' George Mount did too , but I have never asked George about this. It is only my memory and all are free to refute or correct this snippet.
> Kevin Gosney in sunny-at-last Portland, OR