[CR]Nametag guy checks back in (long & personal)

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Date: Sun, 12 May 2002 15:24:37 -0400
To: classic list <Classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
From: "Roy H. Drinkwater" <roydrink@mac.com>
Subject: [CR]Nametag guy checks back in (long & personal)

Hi everyone:

Just got back to my personal computer after 4 days to the Cirque, 4 days work road trip, and finally a full day & half of riding. Haven't had the chance to post (or the ability) so I'm catching up on some of the threads, I'll try to be concise & short...

1. The death of Mike Richardson really threw me for a loop, it has hit me really hard. Dale's determination not to notify us until afterward was a difficult decision, and he bore the pain very well. I had NO idea that anything so bad had happened until I stopped at Larry Black's on Monday.

2. If you're at all wondering whether it's worth going to the Cirque, it is! More kudos to Dale, the Cycles de Oro group and the Greensboro Velo Club!

3. Richard Sachs' presentation answered a question I've been pondering, if I had the bucks to buy custom bikes, would I get a reproduction (NOS) or new (Ergo, et.al)... The Signature series (new stuff) next to the 30th Anniversary (NOS) still has the classic look, and it's red! I'll modify what I've said before, if I hit the lottery, my first call will be to Brian Baylis for a full radical custom, but I'll also be dialing Richard Sachs on my cell phone at the same time for a Signature. ;^) After I hang up, it'll be Chris Kvale for the track bike....

4. Speaking of track bikes, I got accepted to the beginning track program at Trexlertown in June... a dream come true @ 46!

5. John Pergolizzi just checked in, it was impressive to see him on Sunday get on that '84 J.P. Weigle show bike at the Battlefield Inn and ride it to the show & back with a massive backpack... (forgive the auto simile, but it's like hitching the U-haul to the Duesenberg and driving over to the Pebble Beach concours)

6. Thanks to the UK folks who came over, Hilary and Ray plus their families.

7. I really, really promise to have custom nametags for next year ;^) It's a wonderful thing for me to actually personally meet a human being whom (who?) has just been words on a computer screen. "Nametag Guy" came from the show/swap where I was passing them out, someone pointed at me from across the room and said to another," there's the nametag guy!"

8. I have a hard time expressing myself written & verbally, (it's going to take over an hour to write and edit this) and I attempt to careful & precise with what I say & write. Once it's down in black & white, or spoken, it's hard to remove a negative impression. I think some members have violated Dale's rules (it is HIS list after all) and have been careless with their tone and words used. If I have, I'm sorry, please let me know.

9. I think an amazing thing is that there are so FEW conflicts between list members. I always have a fear of introducing two persons, having them hate each other, and then blaming me for meeting that "*&$%@". Doing something like this list over the internet worldwide multiples the chances of conflict by a million times...

10. Out for a local bicycle club fast ride yesterday on my 20+ yr. old Nuovo Record Vitus, Litespeeds and ti Serotta's abound, but the motor's important too (yes, I kicked their a** ;^).

11. Rodney Moseman is doing so well, (hit by a truck the 1st of April on a cross country ride) that he's coming home to recuperate this week! He's amazed his doctors, they thought it would be many, many weeks, if not months, before he could leave the hospital.

Well, it's back on the road for work, I've got to be in New Jersey tonight for two weeks of training, I guess I won second place (remember the old joke?).

Roy H. Drinkwater Lititz, PA

p.s. Mike Self: Haven't discussed the Terry yet, send me your email address.

p.s.s. Lou and Karen: Great ride!

p.s.s.s. So now the scoop is to be in Greensboro on Thursday a.m.?