Re: [CR]Re: snubbed by the experts

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Date: Sun, 12 May 2002 14:04:48 -0700
From: "Brian Baylis" <>
To: "Mark A. Perkins" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Re: snubbed by the experts
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Well I think I know one of the persons who have "snubbed" you unless I have mistaken your clues in both posts. That would be me. Had to attend to that nagging urge to sleep; mean time this outburst has taken place. I think it's fair to say I've been more than just a little bit busy for the past two months. I check back a ways in my emails a found one from you regarding your Masi. Last thing it says that you were going to sit for month or so. The email is from about Feb. For several months I have completely changed my pattern as to how and how much time I have spent on the list. I was routinely checking my email every 3 days or so, which is a disaster when you belong to both this list and the framebuilders list. Perhaps I lost track of something in between.

Don't forget I get a rather large number of personal emails about everything from business and just about every Masi question you can possibily imagine. Every time a Confente, Masi, and any number of things appear on eBay I get a flood of phone calls and emails from all kinds of people wanting my opinion of this or that. I'm very generous with my time on the phone, email, and on the list hopefully for the benifit of all. Thank God there is ONLY one of me; but fact is I miss stuff, forget stuff, run out of time for stuff, and so on. I'm human and there's only one of me.

Needless to say we need to meet each other. I'm not the snubbing kind, for crying out loud. I'm not scatterbrained but I'm not very well organised and I'm spread pretty thin. I assure you there is no problem on my end. Whatever attention your Masi needs I am more than willing to lavish my loving attention on. Patience.

Given enough time I would have responded to the "complementary" email you sent the other day. Once the "snubbing" thing started I became confused as to where you stood. So let's take this off list and straighten it out. A little hint for those who wait for timely (personal) responces from me. I ignore my email as neccessary but I do not ignore my telephone. I would prefer to talk about detailed projects on the phone. It's easier to get a feel for what kind of person you are and what your needs and concerns are over the phone. I am better able to serve you that way. My phone number is (619)463-8611. 7 days a week.

No harm no foul in my book. How about you Mark? I hope the issues with party B are equallay as simple.

Brian Baylis La Mesa, CA Me, snubb someone who owns a Masi? Oh come now! It took a long time to believe you thought I was doing this to you.
> Members:
> In reference to my post a few days ago regarding a few so called "expert"
> members of this group who have repeatedly refused to respond to my
> inquiries. I have had a few of the members of this group inquire as to
> whom the two members which I had mainly referred to actually are. So far
> I have declined to reveal their identities, in hopes that these persons
> would at least contact me in an effort to clear things up and at least
> tell me why I have been snubbed. I have also told those who seemed to be
> concerned, a few names of people that are not the offenders, including
> themselves, since they were decent enough to be concerned that they might
> have been the offenders. I left enough hints in my initial message, that
> these two individuals should know who they are. Then I received the
> following quote from one of the better (IMHO) members of the list:
> "If you're good to someone they'll tell a friend, if you do them wrong
> they'll tell everybody."
> As I said, I have so far declined to reveal their identities, but the
> more time I have to think about the situation, the more I think these
> individuals should probably be revealed so that others don't make the
> same mistake I did by expecting these two to be decent, honest, and
> respectable CR members (someone said this is a family?), and businessmen.
> I really would like to get to know both persons, and I have absolutely no
> idea why neither of them will return my messages, which BTW, except for a
> compliment delivered to one last week, I have stopped trying to get any
> response from (that's a hint for one of you). This is mainly why I have,
> so far, declined to reveal their identities. So, I put it to the members
> of this 'family' of fine classic lightweight bicycle enthusiasts. What
> do you think? Should I tell, or remain silent?
> These are members whom I believe to be prominent members of this list,
> and prior to being snubbed, I had great respect for. In revealing their
> identities I realize that it could be harmful to the way they are
> percieved by other members, and could also have an effect on their
> businesses. I guarantee most of you will be surprised who they are, and
> some will probably not believe me. But I have always tried my absolute
> best to be honest with all people, even those who don't deserve it, and I
> wouldn't make this up for any reason. So, if the members say reveal your
> identities, I will. And if your conscience, if you have one, says you
> should contact me, and at least tell me what your 'beef' is with me, and
> you do so. I will remain silent. Otherwise, I will take my business and
> my money elsewhere.
> Members, if you have something to say regarding this situation, please
> contact me off list. I will respond to all who respond to me.
> "Bicycle Mark" Perkins
> Fresno Cycling Club - Historian
> Fresno, California, U.S.A.