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Date: Tue, 14 May 2002 08:50:25 -0600
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Subject: Re: [CR]Question about the Larz Anderson Show

Admission to the show (but not Saturday seminar) will be free for all folks pre-registering bikes for the Concour (OK, you also have to actually bring the bike too).

The day before the show will just be talks on vintage lightweights - I'm working on rounding up the experts for this effort. I myself may give a talk on either French bikes - or I think a talk on Cinelli would also be in order. If I do a Cinelli talk I'd like to really pin down much of the frame evolution and parts evolution as well as some of the other neat Cinelli factoids that make Cinelli so important. Maybe I can get a friend who actually interviewed Cino to come by, but can't commit to that as I haven't asked him yet.

The day of the show we'll try to have a talk or two geared to vintage lightweights, but the show is also, if we can, an event/expo of all things cycling. Consequently, for locals who come by talks on maintenence, bicycle selection, local clubs, etc will hopefully also be happening. But the key is that there will be a huge emphasis on vintage lightweights so everyone should mark their calenders and be there.

Mike Kone in Boulder CO - supporting the phone company as I run an east coast show!

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><< If you display a bike (you will need to pre-register it) you will get free
> early admission to the show (seminars the day before the show will cost
> extra though) and we will want to make a list of bikes coming just as Chuck
> did for his show. >>
>Is there a charge for entering display bikes in the Show?
>From the web site:
>"Seminars and Clinics
>The line-up of events is not yet finalized, but expect to hear from leading
>experts in the bicycle collecting field about a range of topics on talks held
>at pre-announced times during the day. Tentatively there may also be seminars
>and clinics that will appeal to a broader audience (not just bicycle
>Like what? This is intriguing but I wonder what kind of topics would appeal
>to both a broader audience and aficionados? ....I want to steal your ideas
>for the Cirque! :)
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