Re: [CR]Re: Virus?

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From: "David Goerndt" <>
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Subject: Re: [CR]Re: Virus?
Date: Sat, 1 Jun 2002 00:44:54 -0400

: [CR]Re: Virus?

> In a message dated 5/31/02 5:03:15 PM Pacific Daylight Time, Tonythreerings
> writes:
> << I don't think I'm the source; I also received a suspicious email from you
> to a different screen name of mine, as well as from Chuck, both of which I
> deleted without opening. I run Norton. Anyone else having this problem? >>
> I suspect someone unknown is having his address book used to distribute this.
> I receive 3 Klez's a day and usually just delete them. I've gotten tired of
> forwarding them to McAfee virus support. Someone else got something that
> looked like it was from me and I've come up clean. The Klez is reputedly
> adaptable at changing subject line, perhaps equally adaptable at juggling the
> "from" line.
> Stevan Thomas
> Alameda, CA

In the last two weeks I've received almost 15 infected emails, only one from a list member. So far, Norton has intercepted all and none have gone out from me.

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