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From: Tom Dalton <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Craig's List outing
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Date: Wed, 18 Sep 2002 09:42:28 -0700 (PDT)

As a quick, completely unscientific test, I added up the prices that SR items in excellent condition typically fetch on Ebay. Interestingly enough, I added it all up and came out with $740 (BB=50, crank=150, ped=75, ft der=35, RR der=85, shift=10, post=75, hs=60, brakset=130, hubs=70). I'd say the guy's asking price is pretty unrealistic, given that these are typical prices that these items command on Ebay, WHEN SOLD INDIVIDUALLY, in excellent condition. Will anyone want ALL of these items in these exact configurations as badly as people might want individual items? No way. Add to this the fact that Ebay prices reflect Ebay fees. These fees are probably well worth paying to reach a large audience, but this guy is advertising to a much smaller audience and paying (presumably) far less to do so. If I was looking for a complete group (which I never am) and all the specs on this one worked for me (they don't), and if I could be sure of the condition (I can't) I'd offer as much as $500. Now if it was a nice 1975 full-ti SR group..... Tom Dalton Bethlehem. PA wrote:

Found this on the SF Craig's list. No relationship to seller:

Campagnolo Super Record full gruppo - $750 Reply to: Date: Tue Sep 17 22:46:46 2002

Mid eighties Campy SR full gruppo. Includes short reach brake calipers with drilled levers and Campy good gum hoods, front derailleur, rear derailleur, braze-on down tube levers, 32h hubset, bottom bracket (Italian), crankset 170mm 52/42 with dustcovers, headset, fluted seatpost, seat tube binder bolt, black cage superleggera pedals with superleggera toeclips and straps. Taken off a bike with a damaged fork. Components are in excellent cosmetic condition with minimal wear and abrasions. $750 firm. Possible trade for a 4 megapixel digital camera or a classic rangefinder Leica or Nikon camera.

My question is, wouldn't this be a tad high for used stuff? Perhaps I'm way off but I would think that at half the price it might be an 'ok' deal.

rob hawks
richmond, ca