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Subject: [CR]Decimal vs Fractional

It was written:
>I have two new in the box 27x1.25" Panaracer Pasela Tour
>Guard tires

A word to the wise: There is no such size as '27 x 1.25"'. No doubt these excellent tires are '27 x 1 1/4"'.

Although these designations are mathematically equal, with tire sizing decimals are NEVER equal to fractions, and if you're not careful this will bite you! ;-)

In the case of 27" it's less critical, because there have never been any decimal sized 27 inch tires, but 26", 24" 20" and 16" wheels all have incompatible sizes that are mainly differentiated by the use of a decimal or fractional designation.

More detail on this can be found at http://sheldonbrown.com/tire-sizing.html

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