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Subject: Re: [CR]Ron Kitching Models
Date: Wed, 18 Sep 2002 21:00:33 EDT

From the '81 Ron Kitching Handbook:

Superbe: Super Vitus 971 tubing, Bocama Competition 78 lugs, Super Vitus ends, Super Vitus semi-sloping crown- in RonKit green (or to order); Suggested build kit is mostly SunTour Superbe Pro Prestige One: S.V. 971 tubing, Bocama Super Pro lugs, SunTour Superbe ends, Bocama semi-sloping crown- color as above; suggested build kit is mostly Zeus 2000 Crono Express: Time trial frame with either S.V. 971 or (lightweight option) Ishiwata 015 tubing, Bocama Super Pro lugs, Zeus 2000 ends, Super Vitus Professional s.s. crown- in flamboyant blue or to order; build kit is a mix of single ring T.A. crank with SunTour/ CLB/ Zeus/ Milremo mix Cross Special: Cyclo-X bike, again in S.V. 971, Bocama Super Pro lugs, Zeus ends, canti bosses- in RonKit green or to order; build kit is Zeus/ Dia-Compe/ SunTour/Milremo Track Tester: Pursuit or light track frame in Ishiwata 015, Bocama Super pro lugs, Zeus Pista ends, fastback stays and oval fork blades- in polychromatic red or to order; Build kit includes Tevano track crank with SunTour/Milremo/ 3TTT other stuff Line Shooter: Sprint bike, in Ishiwata 019, Bocama super pro lugs, Zeus Pista sprint ends,Cinelli crown for 24mm round blades- in poly silver or to order; Build kit is Tevano/Cinelli/Milremo Cyclassic: all around club bike, in S.V 971 (option of Ishiwata 017), Bocama Super Pro lugs, SunTour Superbe ends, Zeus 2000 integral crown-in Sky Blue or to order; Build kit is T.A./ Dia-Compe/ SunTour/ Milremo Grand Tourisme: In Ishiwata 0245 Hi Tensile tubing, Bocama type 18 lugs, SunTour vertical drops, Vagner crown, canti bosses-in poly bronze or to order; build kit is T.A. triple crank with Dia-Compe/ SunTour/ Milremo mix

The shop where I made a pest of myself and worked at briefly as a teenager (mid-70's) carried Ron Kitching stuff. I remember the top model (equivalent to Superbe/ Prestige One) was called Criterium E then, all Zeus Criterium stuff and green; the Crono Express was yellow and the owner had a Cyclassic. Later, around '82 maybe, a local rider (an expatriot Brit) had a sky blue RonKit with aero section tubing and all SunTour stuff; don't remember the model. He also had a Vitus 979 funny bike, the only one I've ever seen. Oh, yes Kitching sold a RonKit decaled Vitus 979, too.
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