Re: [CR]A tale of two auctions - Was: Mavic rims

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Subject: Re: [CR]A tale of two auctions - Was: Mavic rims
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 2002 12:03:54 +0200

This same wheelset was up for sale on the Greman ebay earlier offered only to the German market!! but If I remember correctly it didn't get any bids at all!

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> Roy wrote:
> > Well I waited until the second auction was over to post this
> > (not to spoil it for Steven ;^), but I don't think the difference had
> > anything to do with the wheel components. It has to do with language
> > and availability.
> >
> > Both wheelsets were from Germany, but:
> >
> > Auction #1 is written in English, priced in US dollars, and
> > available worldwide.
> > (now
> > $102.50 with 4 days to go)
> >
> > Auction #2 was written in German, priced in Euros, and
> > posted/ship to Germany only. (went for $60.23)
> >
> >
> > If you limit your selling area, you're not going to get top
> > dollar (or top Euro).
> Thanks for waiting! I spoke to the vendor and he was more than willing to
> ship to the US, but was going to charge 60 euros for shipping and didn't
> seem overly knowledgeable about how to pack the wheels. I therefore took
> this into account with my bid. The pair still up for bids would cost $26 for
> shipment to the US, therefore the price comparison becomes $128,50 for the
> wheels still up for bid and approximately $120 and a phone call to Germany
> for the other wheels (without freewheel). More interesting was a pair of
> pre-cpsc SR brake calipers that sold for $18. I have bought a number of
> things from Germany and Italy on Ebay and whereas they usually state that
> they won't sell internationally, if you will the auction, I have never had
> anybody not ship to me. Most vendors are quite surprised that they even get
> any interest from abroad. I believe the default setting when signing up a
> new auction on Ebay is for national and therefore the vendor must make a
> conscious decision to open up for sales abroad. It is also my understanding
> that the Ebay costs are highly variable depending on the country of listing.
> Italy is cheap because there is so little offered. Germany and the US are
> more expensive. It pays to look internationally! A 50th anniversary
> campagnolo gruppo, still in the suitcase, just went unbid in Germany for
> $1800 less than two weeks after one went for $2500 here in the US. A second
> gruppo, also in the suitcase, just sold in Germany for $1100. There have
> been some interesting all-original 1930-50's Bianchi and Taurus roadsters
> offered in Italy for $200 go unbid.
> Steven Maasland
> Moorestown, NJ
> Steven
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