[CR]Mavic / Thanet / Harry Hall

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Subject: [CR]Mavic / Thanet / Harry Hall
Date: Tue, 24 Sep 2002 06:35:43 EDT

In the reverse order, Harry Hall was / is a shop in Manchester. The original shop was a victim of the large IRA bomb that was exploded in Manchester a few years ago. The shop reopened about year later.

Question for Hillary, where is the frame number on my Thanet? Also the Thanet forks have two little pips on the inside near the crown. What are these for? At present the serve to centralise the mudguard, is this their purpose?

IMHO. The Mavic equipped Peugeot on Ebay is every bit french, it threads may be BSC, but it is well and truly made in France and as for the rear mech being the same as a Campag one. It simply is not, it is a far superior beast. Incidentally I just picked a pair of NOS Mavic SSC pedal cages if any one is looking for spares. $16 plus shipping.

Martin Coopland