Re: [CR]Super Record Gardin Cheap==Ebay

Example: Framebuilders:Dario Pegoretti

Subject: Re: [CR]Super Record Gardin Cheap==Ebay
Date: Tue, 24 Sep 2002 15:50:58 EDT

This bike sold for US$260. Gardin is a Canadian builder. He built the bikes for Canadian sprinter Curt Harnett.

Hugh Thornton Nantwich, England for now

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> Vintage Campagnolo Gardin 12 speed Bike Italy
> Unfortunately, this locked up my laptop as I'm traveling so I could not
> send the link, but, it closes tomorrow afternoon and is currently bid at
> less than $200. Large frame, and it is in Canada, but still, those parts
> are worth more than that!! Lou Deeter, Orlando FL but visiting New Jersey
> this week.