Re: [CR]Reprise: Faggins get no respect...........$49.99 shipped YIKES!

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Subject: Re: [CR]Reprise: Faggins get no respect...........$49.99 shipped YIKES!
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 2002 01:57:50 +0200


All this talk about this Faggin reminds me!!...............I am in the market for a Faggin ''Power!''?? '80s type of stuff! Anybody got one for sale or know of one hanging around somewhere............size in need 54 or 55cm! Paint is not a problem but it will have to be straight and true with no dents..............Got cash $$$ or can trade for parts of which you all know, I have plenty of!..........Let me know.

BC.............And the gang!!..........Eindhoven Holland!!

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> Charlie-
> Yikes for $49.99!!............The Dang Seller Gave it No Respect!!!
> I am familiar with that frame enough to tell you that IT IS INDEED Columbus
> SL, CHROMED throughout beneath the Paint, and IS A TOP LINE BIKE! It "only"
> has Technociclo drop-outs......whaaa!!
> The auction closed before I could bid on it Dang!!! Double Dang...$49.99
> shipped!! Call me a Faggin Lover or whatever you want,,,,,,,that darn frame
> is AS BEST AS ANYTHING Classic coming out of Italy, COMPARABLE TO ANY TOP
> Marque!!!
> The only thing I can think of is that the majority of US Pro Riders
> never rode Faggins, so US collectors of classic bikes have no relative
> experience with them. I will just add that about five years ago, I bought
> (what I believe is 86) Faggin Superleggera fully equipped with Campy CDA for
> $300. The frame is fully chromed beneath the paint, comes with chromed
> headlugs, rear triangle, and 3/4 of the fork.
> The Faggin name embossed on the frame no less than about a gazillion
> times,,, OK only 3 times on (Cinelli) BB shell, both seat-stay tops, both
> sides of seat lug, 3 times on top head lug, once on bittom head-lug, both
> sides of fork crown, and once on rear brake-bridge. Oh wait, thats 13
> times.......Bad Mojo!!!!!
> To make matters worse, Faggin probably never even heard of Zambino
> Confente!!! Oh the shame!! Granted, it defiantely needed some TLC, but I only
> wish I could have gotten a top-end Italy steed for $49.99!! Yes, I know that
> Faggin is pronounced like Gardin, Bertin and Battaglin, but maybe somebody
> should start a rumor about some Frisky Faggin Waggins.(pardon the rant)
> Cheers,
> Dave Anderson
> Cut Bank MT
> In a message dated 9/24/02 5:20:20 PM PST, youngc@NetReach.Net writes:
> I recall that we were recently discussing the lack of attention that
> Faggin frames receive. This auction certainly attests to that phenomenon:
> Must have been the rust that put folks off...
> Had the seller had a lower shipping cost, I'd have taken a flyer on it. Those
> who have seen my Viking know that I'm no stranger to iron oxide.
> Charlie "Hey, I'm patinated too" Young
> Honeybrook. PA