Re: [CR]Hetchins name and history abuse

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Subject: Re: [CR]Hetchins name and history abuse
Date: Thu, 26 Sep 2002 21:42:13 -0700

just to add more fuel to this fire...

ive heard on multiple occasions (including earlier today, talking with a friend about some reportedly nos hetchins frames that have shown up recently at mahayana here in sf) that ron cooper built some hetchins frames at one time or another... any confirmation or otherwise of this?

besides the obvious visual elements that make a hetchins particularly attractive to some people, there certainly does seem to be an element of myth/legend/whatever about the marque that just adds to the attraction...

>Ive heard at least one Hetchins collector who has been on the list
>from time to time declare the 70s and older bikes were better
>quality and when Jackson's came on the scene in '85 things went
>downhill. Well where's that story now? Whatre the facts? Or, how
>about the value of a true, (if it could be proven or surmised) Jack
>Denny frame? That was the real deal - right? But what if jack in his
>70s after the move to Southend still made a few bikes while Jacksons
>and the Italian "Italia" source and maybe some other unnamed builder
>was making for them - whats the value of that Denny made Hetchins?
>Its not so much about who owns the name. It is about the history,
>the tale, the myth, the legend - the human part of an object. We're
>back I think, to a theme that recurs on the list from time to time -
>its called the intrinsic. What is it beyond the purely functional
>that makes us want to be a caretaker of a particular bike for awhile?
>Seems to me there are issues and questions about several famous bike
>brands - Hetchins being one of those. Hetchins are cool in their own
>right - visually striking - you might love em or hate em on that
>basis alone. But there was enough of them made so there can be a
>worldwide collector market. And theres some myths and legend to add
>a little spice.
>Tom Rawson
>Oakland, CA
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> Subject: Re: [CR]Hetchins name and history abuse
> What difference doe's it make? One can surmise his/her own
>theories, but the fact remains that "Hetchin's" (in quotes) is a
>retrograde company, just like Masi was after Faliero dropped out of
>the picture. Who cares who owns the name? Anything else is just an
>attempt at the real deal, IMHO.
> Western NY
> Brian Baylis wrote:
> Tom,
> I used to think I knew what the story was with Hetchins', but that
> notion went out the window about a year ago. I'm confused as to what is
> what now. There also seems to be some "reworking" of older Hetchins
> frames that is further clouding the issue. What I don't understand is
> why there are no deffinitive answers comming out of the UK. Certainly
> some straight shooter exists who is willing to step up to the plate and
> take a swing at this, no? This seems like a rather larger enough issue
> for there to be some solid information regarding this subject. Where is
> it??
> About all I can put into the stew is that I believe Jake Riveria owns
> the Hetchins rights and was the owner of BJ during the 1985 to whenever
> period also. The rest of the story is a mystery.
> Brian Baylis
> La Mesa, CA
> >
> > A quick look at the bikes appearing at next weekend's Velo
>Rendezvous reveals more than a passing interest by this group in
>Hetchins. Dale's website and Flash' "unofficial" website provide
>amazing support for this Marque. This year's larz Anderson show and
>even the Cupertino swap a couple years ago brought out mulitple
> >
> > There was an active thread on the CR list and some teeth
>gnashing last year when that group in the UK tried to appropriate
>the name. Indeed more than a little rain fell on a certain bike shop
>in Sausalito (sorry Steven) for displaying a "fake".
> >
> > At the risk of antagonizing anyone at Bob Jackson's, (I dont
>want to cause I own one and love it), and realizing theres the
>potential for a little industry politics here, has anyone seen the
>history section on their newer website?
> >
> > Heres the relevant excerpt and then the link:
> >
> > "More overseas sales followed & by the early eighties more of
>the traditional framebuilders & painters were turning to JRJ cycles
>for their production needs & it was to one of these companies that
>Bob turned when he wanted to retire.
> > The owners of the "Hetchins" brand had used JRJ Cycles
>exclusively to build their curly stayed frames since 1977 & so
>seemed a natural buyer for the company in 1987 as Bob felt he had
>been at the helm for long enough.
> > Things did not go well during the following years but
>fortunately Bob was cajoled by Donald Thomas to help rescue the
>company that he had spent so long in running & in 1993 Bob Jackson
>Cycles started from the low point of the rented industrial unit that
>the old management had landed the company in." (italic and bolding
>is mine)
> >
> >
> >
> > Anyone know who owned Hetchins in 1977? 1993? Since Hetchins
>moved to Southend in 1974 and Jack Denny is said to have continued
>to build (though in his 70's) till the early eighties, can Bob
>Jackson claim to be the "exclusive builder"? What about the Italian
>sourced Italias? Indeed we have the commonly stated story that
>Jackson made Hetchins beginning in 1985 and can be told from
>Hetchin's Hetchins by the font and placement of the serial number on
>the bottom bracket.
> >
> > What does anyone know about this?
> >
> > Tom Rawson
> > Oakland, CA
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