[CR]A Baylis TRIKE?

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To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
From: "H.M. & S.S. Sachs" <sachs@erols.com>
Subject: [CR]A Baylis TRIKE?
Cc: Brian Baylis <rocklube@adnc.com>
Date: Sat, 28 Sep 2002 21:56:02 -0400

Brian Baylis, amongst the bravest and most experienced of our (motley) crew, wrote:

"With all of this talk of trikes and my mentioning I was thinking about another one for myself there have been a few who have suggested I build one myself. The topic has come up before in the past at which times I've said "no way". Well I finally dicided that there has to be at least one built if I want to consider myself a respectable framebuilder. I will build one for myself within the next two or so years. To that end, I'd like to know if anyone has access to any plans or other construction details for racing trikes I could study and benifit from. I guess what I'd like is one of the type with Posi-traction rear axel. Where can I buy the neccessary bits to make this happen? I'll need hubs and rear axel. Maybe one of the conversion kits would be a place to start. Actually I'd like one of those also just to have around. True to form I will be thinking about some "innovations" in my design. Now that I think about it, perhaps a Hetchins style trike would be in order! I have a MO lugset, a Hurlow lugset, and an Ephgrave lugset to work with. As I write I realize what I must do. GO BANANAS! I might as well make the "ultimate trike" since I'm only going to do it once."

Here's a suggestion I haven't seen yet, probably for some good reason: If you're determined to build a trike with bike-type geometry, why not go with a pair of front wheels instead of back ones? That would eliminate the need for any differential, etc. Use a conventional frame driving a single back wheel, and two front wheels. "Proper" design would have a non-turning axle, with auto-type steering linkage so the inside wheel could turn sharper than the outside, or do it first with a plain old axle with a framework carrying it up to a conventional head. We know that British-style trikes are not well suited to riding in the US (or anywhere?) IMHO, so why not try to improve it?

Brian also wrote: "Anyone have any thoughts about fitting a TA crankset with a quadruple chainring?"

Scott Steketee, in now in Oakland, CA, has used a TA Quad on his Bill Boston tandem for a couple of decades now. My memory is that it is all half-step, from the days of 5-speed freewheels, but maybe the innermost is significantly smaller than the outer three. somehow he was able to space things for a quad on the drive side, as well as the transfer cog on the left.

Your outcomes may vary, neither of these suggestions comes with a warranty. But, the two wheels in front idea could be experimented with at very low cost. Should corner better than conventional British design. Anyone remember (pictures and write-ups) of the 3-wheeled Morgan sports cars with that layout? (Obviously, the question is rhetorical, since such vehicles are outside our scope for this list).

harvey sachs
mcLean va.