Re: [CR]Legnano in "excellent condition", beware

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Date: Thu, 5 Sep 2002 21:15:42 +1000
From: David Hallam <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Legnano in "excellent condition", beware
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Well I bought it. It is pretty much as you thought. The rear frames have been bent and the paint stripped some time ago. Surface rust abounds on the lower parts of the frame but this does not bother me. The frame number is dv 7575 stamped on the rhs of the seat down tube. Can any one date the frame from this number? What would you have expected the original configuration to have been? I suspect it came to Oz as a frame but... I'm pleased to have it but it would not have been worth dragging accross the pacific. /dlh.

On Fri, 23 Aug 2002 21:29:42 EDT wrote:
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> writes:
> << Perhaps my monitor has some issues but when I look at the following
> auction, I have some difficulty believing the seller's assertion that this
> frame is in excellent condition:
> The lefthand seatstay seems to be a out of whack as well to my eye. Is this
> the same seller that disappointed Stevan with a discepancy in the description
> vs. reality of the finish on a Major Taylor frameset?
> >>
> Plus, it's missing the seat "bolt."
> Phil Brown
> In foggy San Francisco