[CR]Re: Herse Demountables--wanted: steel Philippe stem

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Subject: [CR]Re: Herse Demountables--wanted: steel Philippe stem
Date: Fri, 6 Sep 2002 15:35:26 +0900

Hello Jack:

I am sorry about the late. Congratulations on you got the Rene Herse demontable bicycle. The Rene Herse bicycles are too expensive in Japanese market. I think that since the European brokers also know that they are expensive in Japan, they sell them with the very high price to Japanese collectors. You are very lucky. Certain Japanese collector has one Rene Herse randonneur bicycle. He said that his friend picked up it from dump yard of the factory of Fuji bicycle. Fuji purchased it for research, and threw it away after research. Since I am badly off money, I could not get the Rene Herse bicycle forever without such good fortunes.

I don't have a steel Philippe stem. How about having someone (frame builder) build replica?

Kenji Fusejima Yokohama Japan

At 10:46 AM -0700 02.9.2, jack bissell wrote:
>Thank you Kenji!! Great links to a beautiful bike!
>We've all seen these too:
>I have a '73 RH Demountable that I'm trying to get back on the road. It's
>one of the (at least half dozen) Herses that have been abandoned in the
>US! My friend Greg Yarez found one in the dump here in Tucson; mine was
>left in an alley in Philadelphia and sold to me by Mike Kone. I doubt it
>will ever be the bike that we see in the first link (none could I'd say!)
>since it has some bad chrome and other proof of its tough life on the
>streets. But I do love it and I've found some of really scarce parts like
>the taillight and the pulley-type straddle wire bridges. I'd like to bring
>it to the VR in Pasadena--you guys won't critique it too hard for being
>rough and still incomplete, willya?
>Anyway one of the most stubborn parts for me to find is a steel Philippe
>stem. It's what RH modified by adding the QR lever--you can see it in the
>second link. Since I'd be cutting it up I could use any size or condition,
>as long as it has the correct handlebar clamp. And while I'm at it--
>anyone tried to refabricate the chainrest (repose chaine) quelle-que-chose?
>I've tried to gather all the pictures I can of these bikes; I'd love to
>share them and swap info--e-mail off list if you'd like jpegs.
>Jack "taking a s&s folding conversion to the brevet in Colorado this week"


>Tucson, Az