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Date: Mon, 9 Sep 2002 20:14:06 -0700 (PDT)

Off topic it may be (apologies) but I had to weigh in (no pun intended)! I remember a few years back deciding to build a "dream bike" of full Campy hodge podge on Derosa Mercyx Molteni anniversary. Just for giggle I weighed the bike and whopped in at 24.3 lbs. This lead me to research a few of tour riders bike weights and if I remember correctly- Big Mig (Indurian) bike came in at 24.7 but he was a big guy, but Delgado and the german contender (pre-Ullrich) both came in over 22 lbs. If your going to race a FULL season (sorry Lance)one needs equiptment to withstand the rigor and a few years back it the lightweight stuff was not up to snuff. Now my reasoning tells me this- Indurain could contend with any the "new era" riders on his old equipment, his tour times are still among the fastest in history (as well as his individual TT's. So ride ishiwata and straight guage Columbus gang, it worked for Coppi and Eddie and they didnt seem to suffer!

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