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Subject: Re: [CR] To ride or not - some facts
Date: Tue, 10 Sep 2002 16:33:09 EDT

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<< I'm curious: In an attempt to reduce the radii of the wheel's masses, has there ever been a configuration with the spoke adjustment at the hub, to get the nipple mass inboard? There's probably some interesting stuff out there; but, my experience is limited to nipple-at-rim wheels. >> Pete,

Cane Creek and others now make their wheels like this. You need a special little spoke wrench to adjust, but my set has seen a couple thousand miles and is still pretty true. On the Cane Creeks, the hole in the rim is only the width of the straight spoke...more advantages of this design. Classic Content: They are the wheels on my 2000 lugged 853 Bob Jackson Arrow Head.

Ed Kasper Detroit MI (Looking forward to setting up my new-to-me lugged steel Tom Teesdale for the weekend.)