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Subject: Re: War bikes (Re: [CR]period of ownership)
Date: Tue, 10 Sep 2002 20:34:17 EDT

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I didn't see anything that specifically pointed out what a bicycle should be "displaying" during an air raid blackout, but the fact that this originated not all that far from where I live, I wanted to respond for the "historical record."

The only reason Fulton County (Broadalbin; Gloversville; etc.) would have been on "alert" was due to their proximity to Schenectady and the General Electric Co. (35-40 mi I reckon). I doubt that knitting mills were on the Third Reich's "most wanted" list, but GE was difinitely another matter.

As they say in military communications............"more follows..........."

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> I have a small fetish for these all black war bikes. Does anyone have more info on these bikes?

The following news release can be found in a copy of The Morning Herald dated January 15, 1943.

"Blackout Regulations

The Rev. Samuel W. Spear, director of Civilian Protection, was in attendance at the Fulton County War Council meeting held in Johnstown, Monday and has made an announcement to all citizens of Broadalbin and vicinity that during subsequent blackouts, the following public notification will be given: first, a series of two blasts of the Broadalbin Knitting Mill whistle repeated four times as

Submitted by Betty Tabor, Mayfield Historian, a newspaper clipping:


In order to insure better protection to the citizens of this community, the Gloversville National Defense Council urges everyone to carefully note the list of logical regulations and to make every effort to abide by them.

DO NOT dispute the protective authorities. They are your friends and are trying to serve you. >>

Alas, we have come a long way from those days of "trusted & protective" authorities!!!!

Food for cogitation, on this 09-11 eve..............


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