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Subject: Re: [CR]seat posts, plus Bittini, and saddle modifications
Date: Tue, 10 Sep 2002 18:12:50 -0700

That would be cool, I would love to see that Ritchey,

Why don't more framebuilders make stems and seat-posts? Liability for one, something goes wrong with either of those and somebody is collecting on your policy. Secondly, hardly anybody wants to pay for them, stems and seatpost don't cost much and charging a ton for a custom stem doesn't go over well (trust me). Third, there is no money in it even if you do charge.

I will make them for me, a few friends but that's all.

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At 4:25 PM -0700 9/10/02, Brian Baylis wrote: >Adjustable seat posts are for >those who don't have a bike built from concept to final coat of paint >taking every detail into consideration and fabricating as neccessary >those pieces that make the bike perfect and unique to the owner alone.

This was the early Tom Ritchey approach and one of the main reasons
    the first road bike he built for his father was under 15 lbs in the
    late-70s. I was looking for a picture on the web but can't find it,
    anyone have a copy if it? I've always been surprised by how few
    framebuilders don't at least build the stems and seatposts for the
    frames they build. I understand the practical reasons but as
    everybody knows the best things in life are the little details.
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