Use of chrome Re: War bikes (Re: [CR]period of ownership)

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Subject: Use of chrome Re: War bikes (Re: [CR]period of ownership)
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At 12:37 AM -0400 9/11/02, Sheldon Brown wrote:
>The black parts on wartime bikes do not, I believe have anything to
>do with blackouts either, but have to do with the shortage of
>chromium, which was a critical stragegic material not available for
>civilian use during the war.

The blackout story info came from an old customer who would run communications from one shelter to another as a youth in the war. He told me the story after seeing my Raleigh one-speed which was exactly like the one he used. He told me that they only used the all black bikes or painted their regular bikes because nothing reflective was allowed one the streets. I'm sure this is just one of those cases where something done for one reason is pressed into service for another too. I know about the lack of chromium and metals rationing causing many parts not to be chromed, but we've all seen chromed parts from the wartime period too. So this leads to the question of are the chromed parts we see on wartime bikes and just after actually from before the war? enjoy, Brandon"monkeyman"Ives SB, CA --
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