Re: [CR]Parting out

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Subject: Re: [CR]Parting out
From: Richard M Sachs <>
Date: Fri, 13 Sep 2002 12:41:31 -0400

i sent this note, (that stevan posts here), PRIVATELY to 7-8 'friends' several days ago. i sent it in a moment of joy and exhileration because, a friend and i bought 2 bicycles from the CR timeline era, both in 'top-shelf' condition. my purpose in emailing these friends was merely to gloat, not to have my situation outed, turned into a thread, judged, or opined about. had i wanted <that>, i would've told the list about the 2 bicycles. fwiw, when i posed the question, 'what to do?', it was a rhetorical one. i didn't expect answers. e-RICHIE chester, ct

On Fri, 13 Sep 2002 12:05:34 EDT writes:
> This is what my personal reply to Richard was. Since it's become a
> "topic"
> I'm posting it to the list. My apologies to Raleigh Pro fans.
> << << i bought a new, never used, never PEDALED
> full nuovo record 1972 frejus today.
> i am NUTS!!!
> should i sell it complete or part it out?
> what to do?
> what to do! >>
> Wow! Too cool! Ok, you'll make more $ sooner if you part it out.
> Since it's
> made it this far in one (museum quality?) piece, the more artistic
> approach
> would be to find the right buyer for the right money. It might not
> sell as
> quickly, and the capitalist incentive might be a little less, but
> the
> integrity of the piece will be preserved. If it was an unridden
> Raleigh Pro,
> part it out. If it was an unridden Masi or Colnago your size, like
> your '71,
> how much trouble would it be to rebuild with the right parts if you
> were only
> able to buy the frame? That begs the question, is it your size, what
> size is
> it, and all that. Just my opinion, but the best approach would be to
> keep it
> intact and only sell it to someone who wants to keep it intact (hah!
> like we
> could really know!), and get the right money for it. Easier said
> than done.
> Other considerations:
> Is the frame and finish mint?
> Do you need the money from parting it?
> Do you need the parts for a '73 Masi? or something else that year?
> If you knew someone who wanted just the frame, you would have the
> option of
> keeping the group together as a '73 gruppo for future use.
> Clear as mud, eh? What size is it...?
> Stevan
> ps. I'm getting ready to go through this with a friend's 1961
> Cinelli. I'm
> going to offer it first as a complete bike. If it doesn't sell for
> the right
> dough, I'll part it out. It's unfortunate, but he really NEEDS the
> money>>>>
> Stevan Thomas
> Alameda, CA