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From: PBridge130@aol.com
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Date: Sat, 14 Sep 2002 20:09:28 EDT

Steve Neago wrote:

I agree with resident IP Attorney Charles and his "tone" about this perpetual sale at "Jack's Bicycle Closeouts" website!

If "Poor Ol' Jack" is not maintaining his website with up-to-date pricing and product availability, the website starts to look like a "bait and switch" trap since a lot of items are advertised for $1 that cannot be obtained. What good is advertising a low price when there is no product to stand behind it? I emailed their web address several weeks ago regarding price/availability and have yet receive a response from Jack...

Some people may stand behind Jack's years in the bike biz, but I wonder if Jack will stand behind his word that these products are supposed to be available now... He last updated his website 2.5 months ago.

Regards, Steve Neago Cincinnati, OH ======================================================

Mr. Neago:

As yet another attorney, please allow me to inform you that accusing someone of "bait-and-switch" is to accuse them of having the intention to deceive and defraud. It's clear that you don't know what "bait-and-switch" means, since you use the term, and then go on to state that nothing resembling a bait-and-switch has occurred. Failure to reply to an inquiry may be a sloppy business practice, but it is not evidence of intent to deceive or defraud.

That an elderly man, after decades as a respectable businessman, doesn't bother to pore over his inventory and his website, or fails to reply to inquiries, frankly doesn't bother me. Please, stop your nasty insinuations.

This conversation doesn't belong on the list, but I will pursue it, if the character of a man who contributed substantially to cycling in Colorado is further publicly disparaged. If you have any questions or comments you would like to make to me privately, I will be glad to receive them, and I might even be able to contact the van Gents more directly to check on inventory status, although it's been years since I've spoken with any of them.

I have no affiliation with the family or business in question.

Peter Bridge
Denver, Colorado