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Date: Sun, 15 Sep 2002 03:09:16 EDT

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<< My apologies, when I was asking about the Specialissima, "Team Issue" differences, I was referring to the 60's era bikes. I've always believed that SL tubing was used on frames up to about 58 or 59 CM and that SP was normally used on the larger ones.>> So was my post. I don't know nearly as much about the later bikes and the model designations. My comments were specific to the 60s bikes. To that I will add: I pulled the wood plug from my 60s Team Issue today, and lo! there was a pin in there. The wood had obviously been pounded in from the top and the pin was quite bent down. Whooda thought...

I also "overhauled" a headset from a 1964? Specialissima (it incidentally had the Campy version headset without the "V" shaped races) and it had a wood plug. I don't know if it was factory, but I suspect it was.

<> There isn't a different sticker. Seat post size is an indicator, and if your eyes are good you can sometimes tell looking in the BB. Stripping the paint works, if the frame has never been sandblasted. That obliterates the marks.

Stevan Thomas
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