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Date: Sun, 15 Sep 2002 07:21:52 -0400

I have to agree with Dale here. Yesterday was the Last day our shop was opened. We closed now and it is time for my mom to retire and actually get some riding in once again. I was amazed at what little was left while at the same time amazed at how much was left...strange right. Well let me explain. It didn't take long to clear out the excess inventory of bikes. We are left with only 4 bicycles. Surprisingly enough, we didn't come down too much on the price yet they still were selling like hotcakes. And other accessories were flying out the door left and right as well. BUT, parts..We have so many parts it is unbelievable. I will be selling parts for years to come. I have a stash of Suntour parts as well, I have to sort through the box so if there are any suntour fans out there, let me know what you look for, I will see if I have it in any of the boxes.

Therefore, I can see how Ol Jack got stuck with plenty of excess on the materials. Parts included...and clothes, you haveto be in the right area to sell clothes. These are areas that seem to build and build over the years. I am also aware that Yvonne is frequently traveling and when I purchased a frame years ago, I waited 2 months for a response but once I got a response, I had prompt service. So to the listmember who hadn't heard anything after emailing, there may still be hope. I also believe if someone were to assist Jack and take a batch of those frames to a swap at those prices. They would probably be GONE.

Walt Skrzypek Falls Creek, Pa
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> Slow down, slow down..
> Calling this "Bait & Switch" is an extreme over reaction and an unlikely
> situation when there is virtually nothing left to sell! It is not bait and
> switch when you just happen to sell stuff and not get around to "taking the
> sign down."
> Heck, I bet half the stuff on the CR Classifieds have sold and the gumbas
> haven't told me to remove it! Hardly bait & switch.
> Jack is indeed a pretty old guy now (I would guess late 70s) and has been
> slowly and half heartedly selling off the last odd bits of what was once was
> a very big business. He himself doesn't do the web site.. I heard a friend
> of his daughter put it up and Jack has little idea of computers, etc. And he
> really has not promoted it .. I think the daughter, Yvonne, ran some
> announcements a while back but it is a minimal effort on all their behalf.
> And whatever he/they still have left is very likely:
> a. Severely picked over
> b. Shopworn and ratty
> c. So cheap that anyone with any brains wouldn't expect much at all.
> Dale Brown
> Greensboro, North Carolina >>