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i *knew* i shouldve been hanging out with you guys!

heh. as it was, though, i think we entertained more than enough people with our portable record player, even if classic content was much low that your groups galmozzi (sweet!) and pair of masis... (all we had was one heavily disguised former east german national team diamant fixie trainer, one raleigh pro frame fixie-ized, and various drop-in visitors...)

lumpy. thats hysterical. dont try and shake it, chuck, cause its too late now...

>Check this out.
>My hubby Peter and I and our very own Southern California Galmozzi Dude,
>Chuck Schmidt were chillin' at City Cycle on Union Street in San Francisco
>after watching the San Francisco Grand Prix, actually doing a photo shoot of
>a 6'2" leggy blonde gal modeling the new Alessandro and Woolistic jerseys,
>when Robin Williams walked up and wanted to get in on the 'action'. After
>some crazy photos with him and the leggy blonde bombshell, Chuck said
>something and Robin replied "What did Lumpy mumble over here?" So, from now
>on.....Chuck has a new nickname! It's LUMPY!
>It's not every day that you get Robin Williams to give you a personalized
>Sorry about being off-topic....but this list needs some light-hearted FUN
>once in a while. Wheeeeeeeeeeee!
>Jan Johnson
>San Francisco, California

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