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Actually, correct link to the wonderful items thus far listed is

You can add your item now...

Ken Sanford
Kensington, MD

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Subject: [CR]Cirque Auction 07; Please read it all!

> Dearest list,
> This year's Cirque du Cyclisme Charity Auction will soon be upon us
> and it promises to be THE BEST yet!.
> This is the second anniversary of The Auction is an official
> Cirque event and rumors already abound of fantastic bicycles and
> components that will be offered up to the highest bidder that night!!
> Already John Slawta of Landshark has donated a custom built
> frame, Joe Bell (Giuseppe Campanello) a beautiful paint job, and Ted
> Ernst has dug out some
> chaska's and cycling ephemera. Commemorative posters from the NAHBS
> signed by the 29 most important people in the lugged steel world will be
> available and are now shown on the wooljersey web site. And that's only
> the start!
> The history of the auction from it's humble beginnings in the
> Battleground Inn 4th floor hallway to raising big bucks for charity is
> really pretty amazing and it's because of youse guys!
> I, John T.Pergolizzi am Auction organizer and chief auctioneer.
> Johnny Baron will act as auctioneer's 1st assistant and chief $
> collector. Harvey Sachs will be taking up the slack as my voice goes
> south. Jamie Swan is auction consultant and official tag writer. Yes,
> each item will be tagged and numbered by lot. Boy, we're getting
> professional!
> Through the generous help of Morgan Fletcher, you can post and
> view some of this years booty at our online Auction catalogue of the
> hottest , most desirable items at The Wooljersy site! Go here to view
> and, most importantly, to post a photo of the items you will be selling
> at The Auction :
> Here's da rules:
> -Please limit yourself to 4 photos of a bicycle. Make um good ones!
> -Please only post a maximum of 3 photos for a "rare" part
> -Only 2 photos for a "usual" part
> -items without reserve, or with reserve can be posted. Please DO NOT
> post $ reserve amounts.
> - a very concise description is recommended.
> These rules are ment to to conserve bandwidth.
> You DO NOT need a password to post. I have editing capacity, so
> iffin ya don't stick to the rules, BIG BROTHER is watching!
> As always, ALL I ask is that you donate at least a small
> percentage of the proceeds of your auctioned bits (20% minimum suggested
> of the sellers end) to charity. May a youse donate 100%. WOW!
> If you can't get to Greensboro, then feel free to send your
> donated greasy old parts to Dale's shop. Mark the box "Charity Auction
> Donation" and we will auction the parts off. Logistics make it too
> difficult to do this and send back $, so this service will be provided
> to "full donation" situations only. I thank you in advance for your
> understanding in this matter.
> Many, many sellers made very generous donations at the last
> three auctions to benefit the Make a Wish Foundation in 2004 (The Make a
> Wish
> Foundation thanks you all again for the $1,856.00 donation). and
> Operation Smile ( ) in 2005 for the over
> $4,000.00 donation and in 2006 a $6,500.00 donation again to Operation
> Smile!
> Since 1982, Operation Smile's volunteers have
> provided free facial reconstructive surgery to tens of thousands of
> children and young adults in 25 developing countries and the United
> States. 90,000 children have been treated. 87% of cash and in-kind
> donations go directly to programs helping children. Operations cost
> $3,000 here, but only $250 overseas. That's 42 smiling faces my
> friends!
> This has become my favorite charity, so I hope you will all join
> me in helping to write THE BIG check to them again this year.
> I've posted letters from Operation Smile in relation to
> past Cirque du Cyclisme Charity Auctions on my wooljersey site. Please
> take a look:
> Double click on the letter to get it real BIG!
> Over $12,000.00 for charity has been raised in total. Wow, what generous
> folks! I thank you all for the pleasure of making this auction
> happen.
> This years schedule calls for the Charity Auction to take
> place on Friday night June 8,2007 and go till there just ain't nuth'n
> left to sell! Take a look:
> A wonderful buffet dinner is included with a nominal admission
> fee of only 25 bucks ($35.00 after 6/1/07)! Our Dinner/Auction event
> will be located at a deluxe venue wonderfully decorated for our
> enjoyment. A preview & inspection of the auction goods will give
> prospective buyers a much better look at the wares and there will be a
> party of sorts with all kinds of
> hilarity prior to the auction itself. A 50/50 auction will give some
> lucky ace a few extra bucks to spend and help raise more $ for charity.
> AND get this: the new Jeff Groman film "Six Day Bicycle Race" will be
> shown before the dinner. Wow, I'm tired already!
> And other possible fun stuff will include:
> -Musical saddles
> -blow up the inner tubes (until they burst)
> -Pin the tail on the Masi game
> -"The Unknown Prize"-- you bid on a box that has a very good item; but
> only the auctioneer knows its identity!
> So please prepare youse selves for a great time! Look through
> those boxes and bins for all your old junk, unused frames, too BIG
> bicycles and other bits that you would like to pass on to the next user
> and know that a very good cause will benefit from your generosity.
> Don't hesitate; sign up now!
> JohnT.Pergolizzi
> La Jolla, California
> MORE TO COME!!!!!!!!!