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Date: Sat, 2 Jun 2007 06:10:14 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR]Goodbye, East Coast

tom , sorry to hear about your imminent and your beloved will certainly be missed.fortunately new jersey is like the hotel california,you can check out any time you want but you can never will probably find a significant number of people in oz that are actually from new jersey(and a few wannabees).and you will honestly be able to answer the sphinx's riddle"are you from jersey?" with the proper response" i'm from jersy" i believe we are in the record book right after rome in the all roads lead to jersey citizenship{once granted} is permanent and irrevocable under most circumstances .if you have any time whatever(mon to sun, early eves) etc. to get together for a last cr ride here before you leave i can schedule an impromptu ride to the shore(my velo east ride as gabriel dubbed it) with good can reply off list or my cell is 732 677 8724.also if anyone inquires about christine's lovely accent in the future i am certain it is a new jersey accent. best of luck and thank you for your summer classics. and barring any unforseen miracle that propels me to this year's cirque. there's always fort lee new jers,i mean leesville va. for next year.... kevin ruberg howell nj

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