Re: [CR]When is a restoration not a restoration?

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Date: Sat, 02 Jun 2007 21:12:51 -0400
From: "gabriel l romeu" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]When is a restoration not a restoration?
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cc: Classic Rendezvous <> wrote:
> Dear Mr. Romeu:
> I'm afraid we're going to go beyond the purpose of CR with this
> discussion and, quite possibly, induce narcolepsy in many members. So
> I'll end my part of this thread with these comments.

I would not underestimate this crowd. this is getting into some of nature of collecting, I have found quite some sophistication on this list. I would never spend the time that i do in response if i did not respect the intellect and abilities to analyze as i do here.
> All ideas, words and concepts are the creation of men.

sure. not sure where this gives any illumination to the topic.
> As far as bikes are concerned, I believe that the idea that in many
> cases what passes as "patina" is merely damage that, in the case of
> bikes, that for whatever reason, the owner is either unwilling or unabl e
> to repair. The tale that this injury tells is too frequently one of
> accidental or deliberate misuse and, in the long run, will lead directl y
> to the deterioration of the bike. In order to make a virtue of bike
> neglect, the issue of "patina" is trumped up. Vice becomes virtue.

I think this is a rationalization on your part. There is far more patina on my bikes that results from just plain use.

just out of curiosity
> As for "people in the know" what I was saying that there are many such
> people in the collectable field and their ideas vary.
> Duration of esteem is the true judge of merit.

with all respect Dr. Hollenberg, i don't think you want to go there. This rhetorical statement is specious in a western european historical context critiqued by a feminist, marxist, racial, gay- you name it, deconstruction. take it to post colonial ethnographic analysis, it really has problems.

it is the same argument i got from my mother dismissing anything but classical music.

best wishes see you at cirque, and please just call me gabriel, -- gabriel l romeu in a warm chesterfield nj usa ± Ø ±