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You may not be able to avoid an import tax. Generally speaking the bigger companies such as Fedex, etc. have subsidiaries that pay the import duty and then collect it from you. In some cases, if routine mail services are used and the frame is not valuable it will pass under the import radar. The VAT, if any, would have to be discounted in the country of origin. In some countries this is complex and more costly than the VAT! In others the seller can take care of the matter. If the frame is valuable I suggest insuring it for full value and paying all fees including the US import duty. Many an un-insured frame has been lost or destroyed in shipment. George Hollenberg, MD Westport, CT, USA

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Subject: [CR] Shipping and VAT taxes
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> Hi all.
> I recently purchased a frame from Germany that will be sent via
> airmail.
> How do I avoid a VAT/import tax when it arrives to me in the
> United
> States?
> Thanks
> Mark Buswell
> San Francisco, CA
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George Hollenberg MD