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I think I've seen at least one silver and black one with a Vitus 172 decal, but this color scheme may also have been used earlier with 531 frames. Failing a series of dated Motobecane catalogs, the tubing sticker, if present, would proably be a surer means of dating the frame than the color scheme. I still suspect a Campy crank on a GR is not original, though.


Jerry Moos Big Spring, TX wrote: Although not specified, I assume we're talking about a Motobecane here.  While the Grand Record mentioned in the original post was used in 1980, in the early 80s, the Grand Record used Vitus 172 and later in the 80s , Columbus SL for at least one year.  Lou Deeter, Orlando FL USA

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I have the impression that the black and silver ones were more common in the

ate 70's, while the black/red/gold ones were the predominant color in the ea rly 0's. But I don't have any specific information to back that up. BTW, I did

ot think that the Grand Record ever came with Campy cranks, although anythin g s possible with Bike Boom French bikes. At least in the early 70's, the Gra nd ecord had Campy DO's, derailleurs and shifters, but TA cranks, Atom pedals, ormandy hubs and Weinmann brakes. The GR also had the odd distinction of aving 531 butted maintubes and 531 forks, meaning only the rear stays were omething else. I've always thought it would have made more sense to just go

31 throughout.


Jerry Moos Big Spring, TX

John wrote: Hello, I just joined the group based on a recommendation from the salesman t Bicycle Outfittersin Los Altos. I was checking out he new bikes ut he was more interested in my old one. I recently pulled the Grand Record out and started riding her again. bought it in 1980 but it was not new at the time. I rode it off nd on and have had it garaged the last 15 years while my kids grew p. It was sweet riding a 100km today and watching all the kids ounger than my ride go by. So the Grand Record is 531 and has the Campi drop outs, crank and hifter. Somewhere. It's paint is silver with black highlights. Is here a marking that I can look at that will identify the year? Thanks John Howard alo Alto, California ______________________________________________ lassicrendezvous mailing list ttp://

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