RE: [CR]ebay outing: campagnolo hubs..what gives?

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Subject: RE: [CR]ebay outing: campagnolo hubs..what gives?
Date: Mon, 04 Jun 2007 19:36:14 +0000

Thanks, Mike, I was aware of those British uses. I was thinking it was not useful to more than a few folks. Then again, we are dealing with specialized interest in specialized bike parts ...

Ken Freeman
Ann Arbor, MI USA

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> The 32/40 drilling is often quite useful - many older rim pairs came packaged in

\r?\n> this combination, sometimes bundled together. Seems like it was very common in

\r?\n> the UK - and many came to the US like that.


\r?\n> So if someone has a pair of rims of that drilling, then they are quite helpful.


\r?\n> And I've noticed that high flange hub prices are all over the place lately -

\r?\n> you have to work to sell a wheel pair with high flange hubs for $70 at a swap

\r?\n> meet, but then the hub pair alone may fetch $300 on a weird day on ebay.


\r?\n> Mike Kone in Boulder CO


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\r?\n> > First, I don't see too many high-flange sets that are not Tipo. Second,

\r?\n> > these have the right skewers, AFAIK. Third, the drilling combination is

\r?\n> > unique. And assuming Hilary is correct in attributing them to the late

\r?\n> > '60s, that's unique as well.

\r?\n> >

\r?\n> > But all that being said, is the drilling really useful and hence of value?

\r?\n> > Well, at least it was to the buyer.

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\r?\n> > Ken Freeman

\r?\n> > Ann Arbor, MI USA

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\r?\n> > I'm perplexed here. These are nice hubs, sure, and the 32/40 combination

\r?\n> > is nice to have. But 255 bucks? I don't get it.

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