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Date: Thu, 07 Jun 2007 08:55:30 +0000

I believe that Constrictor didn't actually manufacture the hubs themselves, but had their name stamped on hubs made by other manufacturers. Some of these were foreign (French?) and some, like the BOA pedals and some of the cranks (and possibly wingnuts) were made by BSA.

There's a rare French Super Champion Derailleur on eBay at the moment (item 280122304319) which is stamped "Osgear" on the arm, which, as you may well know, was Constrictor's brand name for the derailleurs they imported and sold in the UK.
>From your description, the hubs sound like Shellwins. Do you have a photo?

Neil Foddering Weymouth, Dorset, England

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>Hi Sean,
>Yes they did. I recently sold a Constrictor alloy low flange hub on eBay. I
>t was marked "Constrictor" on the barrel. No wingnuts.
>Marc St. Martin
>Livermore, CA
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> >Went parts digging today at a local shop and came up with an old large
> >flange track hub. No markings anywhere except for a couple of odd looking
> >wing nuts marked constrictor. These are nothing like the normal wing
> >from that era. There are flat and square. As for the hubs, pretty large
> >flanges ala Airlite. Unlike airlite, these hubs are all alloy, single
> >e
> >shells. The ends of the flanges for a ³v² shape, vs. a flat end.
> There is
> >also an oil clip.
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> >Any ideas, I didn¹t think that constrictor made hubs?
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> >Sean Flores
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