Re: [CR]When Is a Restoration Not a Restoration?

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I would certainly like to have Mr. Dixon's phone number. George Hollenberg MD Westport, CT, USA

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From: "Daniel Dahlquist"
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Subject: [CR]When Is a Restoration Not a Restoration?

> Hello Group,
> I have truly enjoyed the "Restoration" thread. I have a good
> friend named
> Charlie Dixon who is an expert at saviing original paint
> whenever and
> wherever possible. Even bikes with large chips and scrapes,
> under Charlie's
> careful hand, may often be "saved," along with original decals.
> By careful
> filling in, color sanding, and filling in, over and over,
> Charlie has saved
> bikes from a full restoration, which to my mind never have the
> charm of an
> original. Yes, in theory, the new paint that Charlie applies
> and "feathers
> in" to the old means the bike is not, strictly speaking, an
> original bike
> any longer. But it is very, very pleasing to the eye, and it
> satisfies my
> particular collecting sensibility. Also, when it is expertly
> done, no one
> is ever likely to detect his handiwork.
> On a side note, another friend of mine restores vintage acoustic
> instruments. He tells me it is not uncommon for an older fellow
> to bring in
> an old Gibson guitar, say, that has been abused, sometimes by
> himself, or a
> family member. The owner asks how much a restoration would
> cost, and
> sometimes the cost of restoration exceeds the value of the
> instrument. More
> often than not, the owner asks for the restoration, regardless. The
> psychological comfort and uplift provided in such instances is most
> significant. It is as Garth Libre said in an earlier post: "The
> restorationis as much a restoration of the owner as it is of the
> bike."
> Daniel Dahlquist
> Galena, Illinois
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George Hollenberg MD